General Podiatry

Keeping your Feet healthy is key to the health of the entire body. Without healthy feet, mobility is threatened, exercise is restricted, and gradually your life can become more difficult and painful. A general podiatry session usually lasts for 30 minutes. We offer treatment & advice for the following common foot conditions: Corns and Callus, Athletes feet, Blisters, Chilblains, Sweaty feet, Nail pathologies including thick, fungal, ingrowing toe-nails, wounds & ulcerations. We also commonly treat verrucas which are a viral skin infection. We encourage self-treatment however we offer various topical treatments and cryosurgery. There are many more foot problems that we treat. If yours is not listed, please ask the podiatrist. As part of our services we also offer home visits.

At The Foot Clinic, we care for your feet using the most advanced technology and contemporary podiatric techniques available to restore your feet to full health.